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Trust Policies


Governing bodies and proprietors of independent schools are required to hold each of these policies and other documents, as outlined, however:

• the drafting of school policies can be delegated to any member of school staff;

• there is no requirement for all policies to be reviewed annually; and

• not all policies need to be signed off by the full governing body.

There are instances where statutory guidance states that policies and procedures should be in place. Although this is not the same as a legal requirement, this document has been updated to make clear the policies referenced in statutory guidance.

Academies and Free Schools have greater freedoms than maintained schools in relation to school policies and other documents. Where relevant, arrangements applying to these schools are outlined in legislation or in their funding agreements, which may vary between individual academies and Free Schools.

A. Statutory Policies Required by Education Legislation

Policy Number Title
Statutory Policy No 1       Charging and Remissions
Statutory Policy No 2 School Behaviour (known as Student Rewards, Behaviour and Support Policy)      
Statutory Policy No 3 Sex Education (known as Sex and Relationships Policy)
Statutory Policy No 4 Special Educational Needs
Statutory Policy No 5 Teacher Appraisal (known as Performance Management Policy)
Statutory Policy No 6 Teachers' Pay

B. Statutory Policies Required by Other Legislation, Which Impact Particularly on Schools (including Academies and Free Schools)

Policy Number Title
Statutory Policy No 7 DET - GDPR - Data Protection Policy
Statutory Policy No 8 Health and Safety
Statutory Policy No 9a Admissions - St Martin's School
Statutory Policy No 9b Admissions - Larchwood Primary School
Statutory Policy No 9c Admissions - Chase High School
Statutory Policy No 10 Accessibility Plan
Statutory Policy No 11 Behaviour Principles written statement (contained in the Student Rewards, Behaviour and Support Policy)
Statutory Policy No 12 Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Checks
Statutory Policy No 13 Complaints Procedure Statement (known as Parental Complaints Policy)
Statutory Policy No 14 DET -GDPR - Statutory Requests for Information Policy
Statutory Policy No 15 Home-School Agreement Document
Statutory Policy No 16 Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy
Statutory Policy No 17 School Information Published on a Website
Statutory Policy No 18a Grievance Procedure
Statutory Policy No 18b Discipline and Dismissal Policy
Statutory Policy No 18c Code of Conduct 
Statutory Policy No 19

St Martin's School - Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - September 2019

St Martin's School - Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - Addendum - COVID-19

Larchwood Primary School - Child Protection Policy - September 2018

Larchwood Primary School - Safeguarding Children Policy - March 2019

Chase High School - Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (incorporating LAC) - December 2019

  Conflicts of Interest Policy
  Anti Bullying Policy
  FOI Publication Scheme BAT
  Whistleblowing Policy

Please note: If you are unable to locate a policy please contact the PA to the Headteacher of the relevant school:

St Martin's School - Mrs Killington -

Larchwood Primary School - Mrs Stephens -

Chase High School -

The school will provide a paper copy of the information published on this website to parents on request. No charge shall be made except where otherwise stated.