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Vision and Strategy

The principal object and aim of the Trust is the operation of schools to provide free education and care for pupils of different abilities.

The individual schools will work towards achieving these aims by:

  • Ensuring that every child enjoys a high quality education in terms of resourcing, teaching and learning, curriculum provision and assessment;
  • Raising the standard of educational achievement to ensure high levels of progress and attainment for all pupils;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the individual schools by keeping the curriculum and organisational structure under continual review;
  • Providing value for money for the funds expended;
  • Complying with all appropriate statutory and curriculum requirements;
  • Conducting the school's business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity;
  • Establishing high quality care, guidance and support of pupils, personal development and wellbeing and inclusiveness;
  • Ensuring clear leadership and management.

The Trust aims to get the best for, and from, each child. We intend to enable each child to realise his or her full academic, creative and physical potential and to develop positive social and moral values.