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Register of Business interests 2017/18




Position of Responsibility

Other Interests

Appointed Resigned

Chris Plume

Trustee - Chair

HR Consultant - E.E.L. HR Solutions Ltd



John Duffy Trustee and Chair of Governors SMS LGB Engineer - PX Limited None None 10/05/2018  

William Haynes

Trustee Founder, Miru 3D None None 07/12/2017  
Chris Hearn Trustee Finance Director - Countryside Properties None None 05/07/2018 (Second Term)  
Chris Holme Trustee Solicitor - Clyde & Co LLP None None 07/12/2017  
Anthony McGarel Trustee - Chair of Board (from 22/03/2018) and Chair of Governors CHS LGB Deputy Principal and Chief Executive - South Essex College of Further and Higher Education

Essex Shares Services.

Forum Southend on Sea Management Ltd.

Southend Childrens University.

South Essex Commercial Services Ltd.

None 07/07/2016  
Mike O'Sullivan Trustee - Executive Headteacher/ Accounting Officer Headteacher St Martin's School and Executive Headteacher Brentwood Academies Trust Chair of Management Committee -  CSS None 18/05/2011  
Stuart Palmer Trustee Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer & Clerk to Shimpling Parish Council None None 07/12/2017  
Anita Pratten Trustee School Finance Consultant -  Employee Of Chelmsford Education Network Member of Grove House Free school, Special Needs school in Brentwood None 05/07/2018 (Second Term)  
Kanta Wild-Smith Trustee and Chair of Governors LPS LGB Retired Local Government Officer and Teacher None None 05/07/2018 (Second Term)  
Ann Pessell Company Secretary/ Chief Financial Officer Head of Finance - Brentwood Academies Trust None None 18/09/2012