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March 2019

GENDER PAY GAP REPORT as at 31 March 2019.

The Brentwood Academies Trust supports the fair treatment of all staff irrespective of gender, through the transparent recruitment, pay and professional development process.

The Trust uses the following pay scales:

  • For teachers the pay scales are in accordance with the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document (STPCD) and the accompanying statutory guidance.
  • For support staff the pay scales comply with local and national pay agreements as set by the NJC (National Joint Council for Local Government Services), ensuring support staff receive an hourly rate higher than the NLW.

Staff move through the pay scales for their grade based on solely on performance in role. Therefore, earnings reflect performance rather than gender.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis by Quartile

Mean – the lower, lower middle and upper middle quartile all show that female staff on average earn more than male staff. It is only in the upper quartile that on average male staff earn significantly more than female staff.

Median – The upper middle shows no difference, whilst the lower and lower middle quartiles show female staff on average earn more than males. It is only in the upper quartile that on average male staff earn more than female staff.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis by Job Role

The data has been further analysed by senior leadership, teaching and support staff. Both the mean and median pay gap reduce significantly when split into groups within the same pay grades. For the mean, whilst senior leadership and teaching staff continue to display a negative pay gap of 6.3% and 0.4% respectively, the support staff show a positive pay gap of 8.7%. For the median, the pay gap continues to be negative for leadership and support staff however there is a positive pay gap for teaching staff of 0.3%.

Taking Action


The Trust will analyse the gender pay gap annually and report and publish this data to demonstrate compliancy and transparency.

  • We will complete further analysis and provide information to staff at a practical level to help them understand the gender pay gap and context.
  • Before we next report, we will investigate what we can do to address the gender pay gap.  We will take appropriate action to reduce the gender pay gap where possible

Supporting Equality and Inclusion

Trust Equality Statement - The Trust will ensure that all staff, job applicants, and students seeking admission to the school do not suffer direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or belief, and are not disadvantaged by any other condition or requirement which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

  • The Trust operate standardised, transparent recruitment processes that remove opportunities for bias. These include recruitment is via appropriate websites to ensure the widest circulation of Trust job opportunities, inclusive job descriptions and shortlisting by skill and suitability for role.
  • The Trust conducts an exit survey to monitor the rate women and men leave the Trust and the reasons for leaving. This is analysed regularly to develop appropriate responses to retention policies where needed.
  • The Trust ensures that all employees have the same access to information on promotions.
  • The Trust operates a Flexible Working Policy in line with legislation. This was published February 2019 and is due for review February 2022. This can be accessed via the individual school’s intranet and it is available to all staff to apply for Flexible Working.
  • The Trust operates Child Care Vouchers. This is a tax efficient way to pay for childcare, thus helping to reduce child-care costs. This both supports and encourages staff to return to work following maternity or adoption leave. Child Care Vouchers also help to enable other staff with child care responsibilities to remain in work.
  • Family leave – The Leave of Absence Policy includes guidance on Adoption, Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave. The Trust also supports shared parental leave and flexible arrangements to support with parental responsibilities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – The Trust is committed to the advancement and promotion of equality and diversity for all students and staff and regularly updates the Equality and Diversity Policy. The Trust intends to make this a regular item on the Board agenda.

I can confirm that the above information has been prepared from the payroll data on the snapshot date and fairly represents the Gender Pay Gap data for the Brentwood Academies Trust.

Mike O’Sullivan

Executive Headteacher