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Brentwood Academies Trust

March 2017

The Brentwood Academies Trust supports the fair treatment of all staff irrespective of gender, through the transparent recruitment, pay and professional development process.

Gender Pay Gap Summary 31.03.2017

Mean pay gap

Median pay gap

Lower Quartile

Lower Middle Quartile

Upper Middle Quartile

Upper Quartile

20.1% lower for women

27.9% lower for women

M - 25.0%

W - 75.0%

M - 20.2%

W - 79.8%

M - 30.8%

W - 69.2%

M - 41.9%

W - 58.1%

No bonuses were paid to staff for the reporting period.

Brentwood Academies Trust uses the following pay scales:

  • For teachers the pay scales are in accordance with the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document (STPCD) and the accompanying statutory guidance.
  • For support staff the pay scales comply with local and national pay agreements as set by the NJC (National Joint Council for Local Government Services).

Staff move through the pay scales for their grade based on solely on performance in role. Therefore, earnings reflect performance rather than gender.

The Brentwood Academies Trust Pay Policy sets out the decision-making framework designed to ensure fairness and transparency for staff pay awards. The policy is subject to annual review. To access the policy click HERE.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis


Mean Pay gap

Median Pay Gap

Lower Quartile

Lower Middle Quartile

Upper Middle Quartile

Upper Quartile

Senior Leadership

11.1% lower for women

6.3% lower for women

M - 50%

W - 50%

M - 100%

W - 0%

M - 50%

W - 50%

M - 100%

W - 0%


7.3% higher for women

2.8% lower for women

M – 27%

W – 73%

M – 39%

W – 61%

M – 37%

W – 63%

M – 37%

W – 63%


11.7% higher for women

2.6% higher for women

M - 27%

W - 73%

M - 24%

W - 76%

M - 18%

W - 82%

M - 19%

W - 81%

The data has been further analysed by senior leadership, teaching and support staff. The median pay gap reduces significantly when split into groups within the same pay grades. Whilst senior leadership and teaching staff continue to display a lower pay gap of 6.3% and 2.8% respectively. The support staff show the pay gap to be higher for women at 2.6%.

I can confirm that the above information has been prepared from the payroll data on the snapshot date and fairly represents the Gender Pay Gap data for the Brentwood Academies Trust.

Mike O’Sullivan 

Executive Headteacher