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Chase High School

Pupil Premium funding is provided by the Government to help schools make sure that all students, regardless of their background, can reach their full potential. 

Funding is provided for: 

Students who have a Free School Meal or who have had one at any time over the past six years. 

Students who are a “Looked After Child”. 

Chase High School received Pupil Premium funding of £440,767 for the Academic year of 2014/15 and a similar figure is expected for the academic year 2015/16.

The table below illustrates the spend: 

2013/2014 2014/2015

2015/2016 (Estimated)

Social Spend £79,000  £34,415  £36,000
Maths and English Tuition  £145,000  £147,028  £150,000
Staffing (Intervention)  £197,470  £220,303  £227,600
Academic Resources  £29,068  £39,021  £34,000
Total  £450,538  £440,767  £447,600

Using the Money 

Schools are free to spend the money in any way they feel will improve the aspirations, access and achievement of students. The money does not have to be spent to support students so that they make progress in their learning. 

How will we use this funding? 

We plan to use this funding to provide support for those students that need additional help in order to achieve success, by: 

• Developing programmes to support social skills and self-esteem from transition from Year 6 to Year 7 to further education or employment.

• Attendance related support structures and initiatives.

• Mentoring, counselling and emotional support for students, in order to raise aspirations and remove barriers to success. 

• Funding school events that may otherwise not be accessible to students due to cost. 

• Developing transition to higher and further education establishments to encourage learning for life. 

• 121 and small group intervention in English, Mathematics and Science.

• Additional revision sessions, revision guides and other resources that will help with progress. 

• Literacy Programmes which will allow rapid progress and increased confidence.

• Additional EAL support and resources. 

• Training for staff on how to ensure the success of these students and remove any barriers to learning.

How will we know this money is making a difference? 

Our school monitors the progress of all students and we will monitor all of the strategies used to support progress and to ensure that the money is used to help students achieve their potential. 

We have already had success in raising the achievements of our Pupil Premium students: 

In 2014  –  15% achieved 5 A*- C including English and Maths

              –  23% achieved 5 or more A*- C

              –  83.9% gained 5 or more A*- G 

GCSE/BTec Results No. Pupil Premium % Pupil Premium No. Non Pupil Premium % Non Pupil Premium % Gap PP/NPP
5 A*- C or more including English and Maths 7 7.5% 32 36.4% -28.9%
5 A*- C or more 12 12.9% 36 40.9% -28%
5 A*- G or more including English and Maths  64 68.8% 75 85.2% -16.4%
1 A* - G or more 90 96.8% 87 98.9% -2.1%

If you would like more information on how Chase High are making effective use of the Pupil Premium, please contact the school.                                                      


Child A has Free School Meals. She is on the SEN register and receives 2 additional maths sessions. She is currently experiencing problems at home and this has been supported with Counselling , additional Personalised Sessions to support her progress in preparation for GCSE exams. Her attendance has improved from 72% to 83%. 

Child B has Free School Meals. He was supported for an external placement to keep him engaged in education as a fresh start. This has been so successful that he has been fully re–integrated into his GCSE subjects and is making expected progress.  

Child C has Free School Meals and was a poor attender, however, this has improved from 64% to 95% with the support of an attendance group. In Maths and Science her attainment has maintained at Level 5, increasing from 5C to 5A. Attainment in English has maintained at Level 5 and is being monitored closely to ensure progress is made from 5C. 

Child D has Free School Meals. By supporting her through personalised learning we are keeping a female Eastern European girl  in school past the stage where traditionally education becomes less important. She has dedicated EAL sessions to support her language and learning, and Personalised lesson to boost her maths progress to ensure she is closing the gap. 

Child E has Free School Meals. This child would have been excluded and would have dropped out of education due to his very challenging personal circumstances. He has been supported through a highly personalised program which includes an external training placement and in-school drop-down days to ensure he is able to access the curriculum and enable him to complete work ready for submission at the end of year.