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St Martin's School celebrate the end of their year with Grease inspired fun fair.

YEAR 11 pupils at St Martin's School in Hutton had the chance to celebrate the end of their year in style when a fun fair came to town.

From spinning rides to dodgems and a tasty-looking hog roast, head teacher Mike O'Sullivan said the idea for the big finale day came from watching Grease The Musical.

"We did it at my last place and the reason was because the school was in special measures," he explained. The Year 11s did the classic eggs and flour, and caused about £4,000-worth of damage.

"We thought 'give them something that means they do not want to do that again'."

But he stressed: "Thankfully, we have never had that problem at St Martin's and we have done it every year I have been here.

"The Parents' Association paid for it so it does not cost the school anything and they have a great time.

"At 10am they go out and there is a hog roast and a couple of whirly things and dodgems and an ice-cream van.

"It's a great time and it has become a bit of a tradition and all year groups look on longingly knowing that they will get their time."

But despite the allure of fun fair rides, Mr O'Sullivan said his students had other priorities on their minds first.

"The thing they were most concerned about is signing their shirts," he said.

"It's very measured, considering they are 16 years old and they are excitable.

"The staff sign them and it's a great tradition and a great way of ending the school year.

"We had cleaners, lunch support staff and teachers – they all went down there. We say that it finishes at 1pm, as lunch starts at 1.25pm.

"They all start to drift away at about 12.30pm.

"It's a fantastic end to the year and they are starting their GCSEs now – it's back to earth with a bump."

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Article courtesy of The Brentwood Gazette.